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Zinc & Iron Phosphating Chemicals

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Dimetrics Chemicals welcomes you. We are proud to introduce ourselves as the leading suppliers of metal pretreatment chemicals.

Phosphating is a process of depositing a conversion coating onto steel and galvanized steel to prepare the surface to receive a liquid, powder, or electrodeposited coating. The phosphate deposit is referred to as a conversion coating because it converts the surface of the virgin steel (no oxide present) to a roughened amorphous or crystalline phosphate composite. A phosphate deposit can enhance a paints and coatings application in essentially three ways:

  • Serving as a barrier to keep atmospheric oxygen and moisture from attacking the base metal.
  • Acting as a dielectric film that electrically insulates the substrate from the paint or other coating, slowing the process of galvanic corrosion.
  • Providing a rough surface for mechanical gripping of the paint or other coating for an improved bond.

The Phosphate coating used as a pretreatment prior to paint application is essentially of two types-Zinc Phosphate and Iron Phosphate. We offer zinc phosphating chemicals like PHOSCOAT TZ and PHOSCOAT XLZ, based on the process conditions at customer's end. PHOSCOAT I is the Iron Phosphate formulation that we supply. Zinc Phopshate has excellent chemical resistance, whereas Iron Phosphate is used for components used for interior service and has the advantage of excellent mechanical properties of applied paint.

Zinc Phosphate is also used as a base coat prior to drawing of carbon steel tubes and wires. The phosphate coat being soft in nature gets worn out itself during drawing and protects the metal to metal contact, increasing the die life and eliminating the scratches on the finished drawn tube and wire. We offer PHOSCOAT CDZ for the cold drawing application.

Zinc Phosphate is also used for corrosion protection of mild steel components like fasteners, clutch plates and similar components. We offer PHOSCOAT ZH60 for having heavy zinc phosphate coating for corrosion protection along with Rust Preventive Oil RUST STOP.

Reasons To Buy Phosphating Chemicals From Us

While there are several reasons why you should go for our company:

  • We formulate products based on the end user’s specific requirements through extensive R&D and validation procedures.
  • We provide reliable and quality products timely as we maintain strict quality control procedures for our raw materials and finished goods.
  • We offer comprehensive customer support post supply.
  • We supply products at most competitive prices.
  • We are supplying to hundreds of esteemed customers since years with best of their satisfaction.

We are one of the sole manufacturers of zinc and iron phosphating chemicals in India. To book our services contact us

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