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Degreaser Chemicals Suppliers

Dimetrics Chemicals welcomes you. We are proud to introduce ourselves as the leading suppliers of metal pretreatment chemicals.

We offer different Degreasing chemicals for different metal surface.

KLINOL series (for mild steel) and ALKLIN series (for aluminium) of alkaline degreasers in powder form which can be used in cold or hot, by dip application.
KLINSOL LDL series (for mild steel) and ALKLIN LDL series (for aluminium) of alkaline degreasers in liquid form which can be used in cold or hot, by spray application.
OLOSOL B is an emulsified acidic degreaser which is in liquid form. It can be used for all the metal surfaces at room temperature by dipping application.

We also provide RUSTOL series of 2 in 1 chemicals that remove oil as well as rust from the mild steel surface.

We provide ALCLENSER C specially for aluminium degreasing. For your particular requirement, may contact us to suggest you the right degreasing product that suits your requirement.

Reasons To Buy Degreaser Chemicals From Us

While there are several reasons why you should go for our company:

  • We formulate products based on the end user’s specific requirements through extensive R&D and validation procedures.
  • We provide reliable and quality products timely as we maintain strict quality control procedures for our raw materials and finished goods.
  • We offer comprehensive customer support post supply
  • We supply products at most competitive prices.
  • We are supplying to hundreds of esteemed customers since years with best of their satisfaction.
  • We are well recognized in servicing our clients with superior quality degreaser chemicals. To get a quote fill up our simple enquiry form.

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