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We at Dimetrics Chemicals P L, manufacture, supply and export Metal treatment Chemicals used primarily for :-

Pretreatment Of Metals Like Mild Steel, Aluminium, Die Casting Material, Galvanized Sheets, Prior To Painting /Powder Coating,

Corrosion Protection Of Heavy Mild Steel And Aluminium Components,

Color Anodizing Of Aluminium,

Phosphate Treatment On Tubes And Wires Prior To Cold Drawing Opeations.

Removal Of Paint / Powder Coating.

We, in addition to supply of chemicals for above processes, also offer you our expertise in design, installation, maintenance and trouble shooting of the same.


Pre-treatment For Mild Steel


Pre-treatment For Aluminium

Pre-treatment For Aluminium Casting.


Pre-treatment For Zinc Casting Material


Phosphate Treatment For C. S. Tubes


Phosphate Treatment For C. S. Wires


Color AnodIzing Of Aluminium


Pre-treatment For G. I. Sheets


Paint Stripper


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