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We introduce ourselves not only as the supplier of pretreatment chemicals but as a technology supporter for surface coatings. Our role does not end but actually starts with the sale of pretreatment chemicals.


We always like to share our experience with our clients early from the grass root stage.We help them in designing & setting an ideal pretreatment plant considering the process load, the nature of material, the quality they desire of their final product.We always have pleasure in guiding our clients in setting up the rest of the surface coating plant. Relatively inexperienced clients get good benefits & have always appreciated our this kind of support.


The plant start up is the next stage where we have to play our role.We always help our clients in arranging the training programmes to their operators about different aspects of surface coatings before the start up of the plant.The solutions of pretreatment chemicals are prepared in the tanks under our close supervision.We help our clients until the plant becomes streamline by way of testing & taking troubleshooting steps necessary for the surface coated articles to attain proposed quality standards.


Once the plant has streamlined, our field engineer regularly visits the plant. He tests the chemicals for concentrations & contamination levels and makes necessary recommendations. He also solves the day to day process related queries of the operators.


Apart from this, our experienced team is always there to give prompt attention in case of any quality problems.We always help our clients, as and when demanded, for testing their products and giving them prompt reports in our Inhouse Laboratory.If client desires, we help them to set up an in-house laboratory for them for close quality control.

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